Tips for a Successful Family Session | The Graham Family

September 30, 2021

Tips for a successful family session:

✨ Pick a location that will interest your kids, this makes the session more exciting for them. If they’re into the outdoors try an accessible trail or a provincial park. If they like games, incorporate their favourite sport into the photos or base the session around something like mini-golf!

✨ Let your kids explore and be curious during the session. Taking part in their interests can make for some great candid moments and can be used as a compromise when you’d like a photo of them smiling at the camera.

✨ Make sure they’re comfortable in the clothes they’re wearing. Outfits that don’t require any tucking in or fussing will let them be themselves and will lead to more smiles and fewer tears!

✨ Let your kids be kids! Let them make goofy faces or get a little dirty! You’ll be so happy you did when you look back at the pictures from your session and they truly capture your child’s personality!