Summer Proposal Photoshoot | Downtown St. Catharines - St. Catharines Wedding and Engagement Photographer

I had been chatting with Erica about planning a couples shoot for her and Dom. I didn’t get too far into the planning before Dom messaged me secretly and told me that he wanted to propose to Erica during our shoot! I was over the moon excited about the news and couldn’t wait to start coordinating the surprise with him.

Dom had EVERYTHING figured out. Every little detail. I was so impressed by the thought and consideration he put into it. We agreed on a que for him to get down on one knee and even had a special song that would play when he popped the question. 

On the day I was so nervous that I was going to spill the beans or something was going to back fire, but the whole thing went down perfectly! It was raining on and off all morning so we decided to meet at Montebello Park in downtown St. Catharines that had covered gazebo. The gazebo ended up being the perfect place for what was about to happen. We were still surrounded by lots of light and greenery and the gazebo created a private and intimate space for the two of them. Erica had absolutely no idea that she was about to be proposed to. I was pumped with adrenaline and had goosebumps on my arms when she turned around to find Dom kneeling before her. The moment had me fighting back tears. I was so happy for the two of them and felt so honoured that I was able to witness such an incredible moment. You could see that within those next couple minutes the rest of the world disappeared and it was just the two of them professing their love to one another.

Erica said YES to Dom and so it was only right to bring out some bubbly to celebrate! Dom was so sweet, he even brought a third champagne flute for me! We all enjoyed a small glass of champagne and told Erica all about how Dom planned the perfect proposal. 

To top off what was already an amazing morning, the rain went away and the sun made an appearance. We were able to walk around the park and snap some super fresh engagement photos of the two of them. One of my favorite details from the day was that Erica couldn’t stop smiling if she tried. The two of them were so happy and excited that they were engaged!! 

This shoot was particularly special for me because Erica and I grew up together. We went to elementary school and high school together. She has always been one of the kindest people I know. I was so happy to know that she had found such a sweet and thoughtful person to spend the rest of her life with. 

I love the idea of capturing proposals on camera. It’s a moment that you want to remember forever and there are so many little details that photos can help keep fresh in your mind. 

Congratulations to these two lovers!