Indoor Studio Engagement Photoshoot | Toronto Wedding and Engagement Photographer

I’m pretty sure Mike and Erica are the most laid back couple I’ve ever met. I could tell straight away when they reached out to me that we would all work so well together. Erica’s first email to me actually had me in tears. She had so many kind things to say about my work and the way she described her relationship with Mike was so so sweet. 

During the planning phase for our shoot, we threw a bunch of different location ideas out there, but decided in the end to book some indoor studio time. Studios can be a great option if you need to get your engagement photos done in the winter. Not only are you out of the cold, but there are so many amazing studios that are filled with natural light. Erica and Mike looked through a list of different studios we could book with and decided that they loved the look of OBJX Studio in Toronto. The studio has two walls of incredible floor to ceiling factory windows that allow for so much light to shine through. OBJX also has a great collection of potted plants, which really allows you to totally forget that it’s the middle of winter. Erica is really into plants and has a huge collection of them in their apartment so I’m really glad we were able to incorporate them into our photos. It almost made the studio space feel like home.

While planning the shoot, we had discussed some ways that we could make the experience and the photos more unique and personal to them. Erica and Mike suggested bringing a few football jerseys from their favorite team (New England Patriots) and a couple beers (Keiths). Mike is a huge football fan and when the two of them started dating he got Erica into the sport as well. She liked it so much that it became one of their favorite things to bond over, which I thought was super cute. I really love when couples come up with creative ideas like this that can be tied into a photoshoot. As a photographer, one of my goals is to not only leave a couple with some cute photos, but also to leave them with an amazing memory. I want to capture the genuine connection between two people and if football jerseys and couple beers have that affect I’m all for it.

I’m so look forward to seeing the two of them together again at their wedding in September. I just know that it will be an absolutely beautiful and relaxed day for them and all of their guests. Erica and Mike work together in the hospitality/event industry and spend a lot of time booking events for other people. It’ll be so nice for an event to be about them and their love for a change.

This shoot was so much fun and a great way to kick off 2020. I can’t wait to meet so many more amazing couples like these two.