Downtown & High Park Engagement Session | Toronto Wedding and Engagement Photographer

I have to say that this had to be one of my favourite engagements sessions of the year. Dave and Angela put so much thought into planning their engagement shoot and it really shows. Before I start planning engagement shoots with clients, I send them a What to Wear Guide as well as a short questionnaire that helps spark ideas for the shoot. Dave and Angela took total advantage of both resources and made the shoot super personal and unique to them. They both put lots of thought into two great outfits that they could wear for the photoshoot and sent them all to me for a second opinion. I think it’s so important that you choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident but also compliments your partner’s outfit at the same time. Achieving all of this can definitely take some time and thought and I am so grateful that Dave and Angela put a lot of consideration into it.

We started our shoot off at the Christie Subway Station in Korea Town, the subway stop where Dave and Angela would meet for their dates early on in their relationship. We wandered around Bloor Street while the city was still quite and enjoyed to soft glow of the morning sun. Dave also brought along his polaroid camera so that we could capture some memories on film, which was so a fun activity that we incorporated into photos that I took as well.

After exploring Korea Town, we made our way to High Park, the place where Dave proposed to Angela. We spent the rest of our session down by the pond snapping pictures near where Dave popped the question. I love that we were able to incorporate another memory into the photos. This was the perfect fall morning for an engagement session as well as a walk down memory lane!


I can’t wait to see these two again for their wedding spring at the Old Mill Hotel in Toronto!